Drazia Heldon

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Drazia Heldon

When a person’s morals and principles are spawned from a diet of violence and pain, then chances are it’s not going to turn out well for the individual or the people around them. Some are born nasty but most are created and the assassin Drazia Heldon is no exception. Growing up on the worn torn streets of Yugoslavia, during the bloody civil war of the 1990’s, helped crystallize the attributes that would later provide the gigantic assassin with the skills to become a professional hitman. At nearly seven feet tall and totally void of any empathy towards his fellow man, Drazia Heldon is what nightmares are made of. Some people simply inspire fear in others whilst others exert it…Heldon deals in both. In the theatre of human misery, the giant is not a scalpel but more of a broadsword utilizing every scare tactic in the book to put the fear of god into his victims, before focusing on the pain he can cause. Applying Pain is not a prerequisite for an assassin but, to Heldon, that’s half the fun. ​


Heldon slipped the mobile phone into his pocket and turned his attention to Claire Dwyer, who was still writhing on the back seat, fighting against her restraints. He reached over and clamped one of his huge hands around her head, firmly forcing it upwards till her eyes met his. “Did you know that in China they eat dog meat? It’s true. You can buy the dogs while they’re still alive from ordinary street vendors.”

Claire’s confused expression drew a smile from the Serbian.

“But a dog is a dangerous animal and, with its sharp teeth, it can really hurt someone… So you know what they do?” He raised his chin inviting a response, and remained silent until she gave a shake of her head. “They break the dog’s legs, push them back over the animal’s head and hang it up by its feet. That way the dog stays alive, but it can’t cause any trouble.” A husky giggle emanated from the assassin’s massive lungs as he loosened his grip on her skull. “You’re not going to be any trouble to me, are you now, little one?”


Beginning life at an orphanage in a small Serbian town shortly before the war, Heldon was subjected to a daily barrage of physical, mental and sexual abuse. These ‘teachings’ provided the foundation for a bitter, paranoid and fearful mind… A mind that was perfect for indoctrination into the racist beliefs guiding the country’s civil war. However vile ethnic cleansing may seem to most, to Heldon it simply describes a good day’s work. To his military handlers he must have seen like the perfect soldier and it’s these same qualities that later on would bring him to the attention of the secretive organization known only as ‘The Magi’.


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