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THE FALLEN. Available 21st July 2022

From bastions of freedom… to fallen saints.

DSV, the elite secret service tasked with fighting Daedalus, the descendants of the Nazis, are winning. They have captured more of their agents and assets in the past six months than the previous twenty years, and the plans for a Fourth Reich appear to be crumbling.

But all is not as it seems. A whistleblower has identified a mole high up in the DSV hierarchy. But more worrying still is the identity of that informant… ruthless Daedalus commander Hans Bauer. Why would he give up such a valued operative?

When word reaches them of a devastating Daedalus operation, codenamed Steel Thunder, Ethan Munroe, elite DSV operative, is tasked with only one mission: find the Daedalus core and bring them to justice, ending this seventy year-long cat and mouse game once and for all.

But with a cataclysmic attack on the horizon, one that will eclipse anything the world has seen before, he is running out of time.

A nerve-shattering conspiracy thriller with a devastating twist that will leave you reeling, perfect for fans of Scott Mariani, Clive Cussler and Adam Hamdy.


Hostage negotiator Ethan Munroe is called urgently to a developing crime scene. A serial killer is holding a young girl hostage, and, inexplicably, demands his attendance.

Events quickly spiral out of control, and the security of Ethan’s life is stripped away, as he is thrown headlong into a perilous world of deception, espionage and danger, lurking deep within the shadows of political power.

Ethan will discover things about himself he could never have suspected, come face-to-face with a terrifying foe, and uncover an unthinkable truth that could not only shatter his own future but that of the world… The enigma that is Project Icarus.

A totally gripping conspiracy thriller with a twist you will never see coming, perfect for fans of Lee Child, Scott Mariani, and Adam Hamdy.




When a Catholic Priest hangs himself from the rafters of St Peters Basilica during the inauguration of the first English pope in over a millennia, his friend and ex-priest Alex Harker is dragged into a secret war that has has been playing out on the fringes of society since the birth of Christ. The suicide sets into motion a planned timetable of terrifying events that will irrevocably change the world as we know it – The countdown has begun – With the clock ticking and pursued by a murderous assassin, backed by a brutal organization hell bent on concealing the truth at any cost, Harker must track down and decipher the pieces of the puzzle laid down for him by his dead friend to reveal a truth – so shocking, so startling – that it could enslave the minds of every human being on the planet and literally transform the destiny of mankind itself.




When the brutal attack of a priest leaves him close to death and screaming of dark prophecies, ex-priest and University Professor Alex Harker finds himself once again pulled back into the shadowy and unforgiving clutches of the Magi. On the dubious ramblings of a lunatic, Harker is thrust into a desperate search for the missing child he has sworn to protect. As he edges closer to the truth on a journey that will propel him halfway across the world, he realises the child’s importance pales in significance to the cataclysmic events unfolding around him. When reality and prophecy start to merge, and nations begin to crumble, Harker realises the future of the entire planet is in his hands. Its salvation lies in the discovery of one thing – The 4th Secret.



The dead are rising. The world hangs in the balance…
A man holds a gun to Professor Alex Harker in a Cambridge University lecture room. He wants to know about the mysterious Codex Gigas. But before Harker can learn more the man shoots himself, threatening Harker’s girlfriend Chloe as he does so.

Soon Harker is deep in a life or death struggle that takes him to Berlin, Italy and France. It seems that, thanks to the Codex, the dead are rising. It can only mean one thing:

Judgement Day.

Or does it?

In a game of crosses and double crosses, Harker doesn’t know who or what to believe anymore. Behind the lies, behind the Vatican, behind the Codex, is the most terrible puppet master of all…


A brutal cult. A gruesome rite. A primal evil…

At a remote farmhouse outside Turin, a mysterious religious exorcism goes horribly wrong, setting in motion a series of catastrophic events, that threatens to bring the world to its knees…

Meanwhile, Professor Alex Harker is settling into his new life in the Templar Brotherhood, when he is suddenly whisked away to the Tower of London. There he learns of a disturbing murder, and a strange riddle hinting at a sinister truth. 

Now the fate of the Templars hangs in the balance, at risk from a powerful conspiracy, which, unbelievably, seems to lead back to the very source of evil: the Devil himself…


A brutal foe, an ancient mystery… The explosive new Templar thriller.

Cambridge Archaeology Professor Alex Harker is drawn back into the twisted clutches of the Mithras, who are seeking to unearth a knowledge lost to humankind since the dawn of civilisation. 

His journey will take him from the Bay of Bengal to the murky depths of the Gibraltar strait, from the Swiss Alps to an island untouched for over 30,000 years, all in pursuit of this fateful knowledge.

In a diabolical game of cat and mouse that will push every fibre of his convictions to breaking point, Alex will strive to find the answers to human existence itself, which lie hidden behind the greatest secret of all… The Shadow Conspiracy.

All five Harker Chronicles are available in Paperback from all good book stores.


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